12 of the Most Underrated Fast Food Menu Items, According to Lifehacker Readers

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Sonic Drive Thru (2003) Television Commercial – Breakfast – Thick Texas Toast

Sonic Drive-In might not be one of your go-to chains in general, let alone first thing in the morning. But if one theme emerged from all of your responses to my original ask, it’s that a fast food breakfast is generally an underrated way to start your day.

Here’s what impassioned Lifehacker readers had to say:

“​​The Supersonic Breakfast Burrito is easily one of the best fast food breakfasts you can get (and you can get it any time of day too). Eggs, cheese, sausage, tater tots, onions, tomatoes, and jalapenos all wrapped in a flour tortilla. Squirt some of their picante sauce in there, and you’re ready to rock and roll.” —​​ItsDeke

“Sonic breakfast is so underrated..and they serve it ALL day, unlike those jerks at Micky D’s. The toast/egg/cheese sandwich slaps (I ask for it with out meat.) And the tater tots are so good – crispy, puffy and not (too) greasy.” —Toasts McGhosts

“Their breakfast toaster sandwiches are pretty good too, especially if you go to one of the places where they legitimately fry the bread on the griddle (some places just toast it and it’s sad). The bacon egg and cheese toaster sandwich is great, and they usually have nice, crispy bacon (I hate flimsy bacon in a breakfast sandwich).” —ThundercatsRidesAgain

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