27 Best Vegan Foods At Trader Joe’s, Ranked

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Brioche is a soft, fluffy bread traditionally enriched with eggs and butter. And when you don’t eat eggs or butter, you can walk down to your nearest Trader Joe’s for a Vegan Brioche Loaf. TJ’s dough is enriched with a blend of coconut oil, cocoa butter, and sunflower oil for a shiny exterior and soft, chewy interior.

The flavor and structure of Trader Joe’s vegan brioche are reminiscent of potato bread. It’s not overtly sweet, so it could actually pass as fluffy potato bread. There are benefits to this nuanced flavor; creative vegans can use the bread for both savory and sweet adaptations. Use brioche bread for your sandwich and toast needs, or make a special French toast casserole for a Sunday brunch. Still, we’re not impressed by this product overall. 

We’re not the only folks who are adamant about this new product; many Trader Joe’s shoppers are divided about the vegan brioche. While some applaud Trader Joe’s goal to make this bread an option for plant-based eaters, others criticize the long list of ingredients on its label. Only time will tell if this bread is received well enough to remain on store shelves. 

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