5 South Indian Paneer Recipes To Excite Your Taste Buds

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When we talk about South Indian food, the first few dishes that come to our mind are idli, sambar and dosa. While Indians all across the country love these delicacies, people often have the misconception that these are the only vegetarian delicacies within South Indian cuisine. But the reality is completely opposite! This cuisine is filled with vibrant vegetarian delicacies that are bound to make us salivate. That’s not all; paneer has also become a part of South Indian cuisine, often acting as a vegetarian alternative to popular non-veg curries like Malabar fish curry and chicken Chettinad. Here we have shortlisted some of the best South Indian paneer recipes that’ll give you a taste of authentic South Indian masalas.

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5 South Indian Paneer Recipes That’ll Make You Drool:

1.Hyderabadi Paneer – Our Recommendation

This creamy and masaledaar curry is no less than its other Hyderabadi counterparts! The paneer is cooked in a flavourful curry of milk, onions, curry leaves, lemon juice, chillies, garlic and more spices. You can pair this with steamed rice or Malabar parotta.

Click here for the full recipe of Hyderabadi Paneer.

2.Paneer 65

Crispy from the outside and soft and chewy from the inside, paneer 65 is the ultimate South Indian paneer snack! For people who love spicy food and can’t get enough of the ‘teekha’ taste in their meals, the paneer 65 can be a main course dish too!

Click here for the full recipe of Paneer 65.

3.Malabar Paneer

Malabar paneer is a rich and creamy paneer gravy that is cooked in typical South Indian preparation. Paneer cubes are bathed in masaledaar coconut curry to give this wonderful dish. It is super easy to make and is a must-try for coconut lovers!

Click here for the full recipe of Malabar Paneer.


4.Paneer Ghee Roast

Paneer ghee roast can be served as a snack and even as a main course. Since this dish has a rich and fulfilling taste, one can have it as a snack wrapped in paratha. As for the main course, add more gravy to the paneer and serve with rice!

Click here for the full recipe of Paneer Ghee Roast.

5.Palkatti Chettinad

Palkatti comes from the Tamil language and refers to the process of how paneer is made. This South Indian paneer dish is prepared by bathing cubed paneer in a masaledaar gravy of urad daal, curry leaves, onions, tomatoes and Chettinad masala.

Click here for the full recipe of Palkatti Chettinad.

Try out these delicious South Indian paneer dishes and let us know which one is your favourite!

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