Casper restauranteur eyes former Grab and Go Gourmet location for Mexican restaurant

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The former location for Grab and Go Gourmet will be home to Antojitos Shiwas Restaurant & Mini Market. The building on West Collins was originally constructed as a radio station. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City News)

CASPER, Wyo. — The owner of Antojitos Shiwas has decided to put the brakes on their food truck and permanently park the new Mexican restaurant in the former Grab and Go Gourmet location in central Casper.

“This spot came open and sometimes you just have to jump into [a good opportunity],” said Antojitos Shiwas owner Marisela Moreno.

El Burro Loco owner Marisela Moreno helps take an order at her food truck, Antojitos Shiwas, in north Casper in June 2022. The restaurant will move from its food truck to a permanent location in the former Grab and Go Gourmet building in September. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City News)

The location at 611 W. Collins Ave. was completely remodeled with a trendy, modern design in 2020 for the Grab and Go Gourmet, which closed in November 2021. The location neighbors Wind City Treats, which shares part of the same building but occupies its own space to the west.

Moreno, who also owns El Burro Loco on East Yellowstone and the La Tiendita Mexicana store in north Casper, launched the food truck in June. Shortly thereafter she found the former Grab and Go space and found it hard to resist.

“It’s such a great spot, right there next to NCHS and across from the [Thyra Thomson State Office Building],” she said. “There aren’t really any Mexican restaurants in that area, and we just wanted to take advantage of it.”

The new endeavor will be called Antojitos Shiwas Restaurant & Mini Market, she said, which will include a remodeled space in the same building to the south for the market.

The food philosophy will remain the same, which distinctively differs from El Burro Loco and is inspired by the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua, where the restaurant’s head chef, Patricia Santos, is originally from. Moreno says the added room will allow them to expand the menu and feature more traditional desserts.

Head cook Patricia Santos and Jhony Aguilar Jiménez prepare an order in the Antojitos Shiwas food truck on a Tuesday in June. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City News)

Items will also be created to cater to likely morning and afternoon foot traffic from NCHS students. They intend to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and will apply for a liquor license, she said.

They plan to open by the middle of September, she said, and have put the food truck up for sale.

“The restaurant is great; it’s remodeled beautifully,” she said. The kitchen and equipment were all newly purchased and installed in 2020. “Everything is already in there; it’s pretty much just ready for us to move in.”

The interior of the former Grab and Go Gourmet, which was remodeled in 2020, will stay the same. A space to the east in the building is currently being remodeled as a market. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City News)

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