Healthy Diet: 5 Delicious Ways To Add Oats To Your Lunch

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After eating our hearts out over the weekend, we wish to start our week afresh on a healthy note. The guilt of eating unhealthy foods throughout the weekend makes us want to eat healthy the next day. Oats are one such superfood that is known for being wonderful for our bodies. The healthy fibres, antioxidants, proteins and other essential nutrients provided by oats make it a smart choice for our diet. But we often find it tough to cook with oats, due to our limited knowledge about the versatility of this food. Hence, we have found some delicious ways you can add oats to your lunch. Pulao, khichdi, roti and even Manchurian can be made with humble oats!

Here Are 5 Oats Recipes For A Healthy Lunch:

1.Oats Pulao

Who doesn’t love a flavourful pulao?! This humble combination of vegetables, rice and spices make for a comforting meal. In this recipe, all you have to do is replace the rice with oats and you shall enjoy a healthy and hearty meal that is also delicious.

Click here for the recipe for Oats Pulao.

2. Oats Khichdi

The khichdi is the most popular one-pot meal, often enjoyed when we wish to treat our body with the right nutrients. While this is already considered a healthy dish, it doesn’t mean it can’t get healthier. This oats khichdi comes with the goodness of dal and vegetables.

Click here for the recipe for Oats Khichdi.

3. Oats Roti

Ditch the atta roti that is made in your house and choose the healthier alternative with this oats roti. These rotis are stuffed with oats, onions and coriander leaves, making them taste delicious as it is! Pair this healthy roti with your choice of dal or sabzi.

Click here for the recipe for Oats Roti.

4. Oats Dahi Masala

This creamy and masaledaar gravy can be ready in just 20 minutes. With oats, vegetables, seasoning, and yoghurt, you can get a scrumptious curry that can be had for lunch with rotis. This oats curry also comes with a spicy tadka.

Click here for the recipe for Oats Dahi Masala.


5. Oats Manchurian

This classic Indo-Chinese gravy gets a healthy twist with oats. The Manchurians in this spicy gravy are made of healthy ingredients like oats flour and vegetables. Another wonderful thing about this recipe is that the Manchurians are baked, not fried.

Click here for the recipe for Oats Manchurian.

Try out these desi oats recipes for a healthy lunch and tell us in the comments section which is your favourite.

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