How To Make Farali Pattice – A Gujarati Snack To Have During Vrat

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Monsoon brings along a range of festivals to rejoice – Saawan (or Shravan) festival being the most popular one. It is a month-long festival dedicated to Lord Shiva. People observe vrat during this time of the year and worship their beloved deity. This year, Saawan began on July 14, 2022 and will end on August 12, 2022. During this time, several devotees go on Kanwar Yatra bare foot and bring back water from Holy rivers to offer to Lord Shiva. Besides, they also avoid non-vegetarian food and observe a Sattvik diet throughout. This subsequently increases our search for light sattvik recipes that can be included in our everyday diet.

When we say vrat food, the first few dishes that come up to our mind are sabudana vada, sabudana khichdi, kuttu poori, vrat wale aloo et al. But let’s agree, having the same kind of meal every day can be quite boring. This is where we come to your rescue. We found an amazing Gujarati snack recipe that can be considered a great alternative for sabudana vada – it’s called farali pattice. Unlike our regular pattice, this dish is made with singhare ka atta, raw banana, dry khopra, spices et al. Sounds delicious, right? So what are you waiting for? Go through the recipe and prepare farali pattice today to include in your vrat diet.

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Farali Pattice is a delightful snack that nobody can resist.

How To Make Farali Pattice – Recipe By Chef Ajay Chopra:

To make this dish, we need raw banana that is boiled, peeled and mashed. You can replace it with sweet potato as well. Then we need singhare ka atta, arrowroot, green chilli-ginger paste and salt. For the once making for vrat, replace common salt with rock salt.

Now for the stuffing, use roasted peanuts, roasted sesame seeds, coconut powder, dry khopra, coriander leaves, crushed chilli-ginger, lemon juice, sugar and salt (or rock salt); and of course, we need oil to deep-fry the pattice.

Start with preparing the stuffing by grinding all the ingredients together. Then create an outer shell with raw banana, flour, salt, chilli-ginger paste. Prepare a dough, flatten it, add the stuffing and deep-fry the vada. And you will have the delicious farali pattice ready to be indulged.

Click here for the step-by-step recipe for farali pattice. 

Try this recipe at home and make your Sawan vrat a delicious one!

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