Indian BTS ARMY can’t keep calm as Jimin talks about Desi Food in his latest Weverse post

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Jimin talks about Indian Food

Even the littlest mention of India or anything related to it from the BTS members can make every Desi ARMY’s day. How can we forget the interview where the boys said ‘Namaste’ and that part of the clip went viral on social media in no time.
While it isn’t rare anymore, still anytime that something similar like this happens, it becomes a matter of celebration for every Desi ARMY. This is exactly what happened recently when member Jimin took to Weverse to ask for something.

The Serendipity singer was having a hard time deciding on what to eat, so he thought of asking for suggestions from the fans. “[I am] in the middle of wondering what I should eat, everyone, have you eaten?” he posted on Weverse.

Undoubtedly, the post was filled with a lot of replies, and food suggestions from almost every cuisine. Each fan was mentioning their favourite dish or was asking Jimin to order something that he likes. Among these, was a comment where someone suggested the idol to go for one of the most popular dishes.

“You can try Biryani… This is really delicious,” wrote an ARMY. The Bangtan member replied to the comment acknowledging that he may know about the dish. “I see its Indian food,” he wrote.

Read the translation here.

While some debated that he might have just googled it, others said that since the members have tried Indian cuisine during Bon Voyage 4, they might know about certain Desi dishes. Nonetheless, Biryani is really popular, so who knows?

His little comment has made everyone happy. Indian ARMY took to Twitter to share their excitement. One user wrote, “Wow, Jimin knows about Biryani.. I mean who doesn’t who this dish but still our jiminiee talking about it has made me so so happy.”

Here’s how others reacted.

Wow, Jimin. You have managed to make everyone’s day once again. Now, we only wait and see what he actually ended up ordering.

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