Ithaca soul food, Indian cuisine and waffles provide comfort

by admin

Have you ever smelled or tasted food that brings back warm memories? That’s how I feel about the food of Ithaca –– it’s a place where people put their love, life stories and history onto a plate. 

I’ve been a resident of Ithaca for the past three-and-a-half years: first, as a student at Cornell University, and now as a new Food, Drink and Culture reporter clutching onto a fresh diploma. In this new role, I want to pay homage to the people and places who have nourished my body during my tumultuous undergrad and, now official, adult life. This is my love letter to them.

In the following months, I hope to create relationships with restaurateurs new and old, grocers, agricultural workers and other people who are a part of the Ithaca food and drink scene through narrative storytelling, so that the Ithaca community can better know about the hard work and care put into the meals they eat.

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