These 7 Classic Food Combinations Are Ideal To Make When Craving A Comforting Taste

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Indian food is brimming with recipes that are always a delight to have! However, despite that, we always have trouble deciding what to make for lunch or dinner. This could be because of several reasons: sometimes we want to make a quick recipe, or sometimes we want to try out something new. And when this happens, our search for various dishes begins. So, if you are also going through something like this right now, we have just the solution for you. Today we bring you some classic Indian food combinations that can be made any day and any time. These recipes are sure to satisfy you to the core. Check out the recipes below:

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Here Are 7 Classic Indian Food Combinations

1. Rajma Chawal (NDTV Food’s Recommendation)

There are numerous ways to prepare rajma, each tailored to the individual’s preferences. However, Punjabi rajma masala is the most popular of all rajma recipes. This rajma recipe is much spicier and tangier than other rajma recipes.

2. Jeera Rice And Dal Tadka

A serving of hot, fluffy rice topped with a tadka dal and served with a piece of our beloved achaar is soul-soothing food at its finest! The dal and rice pairing is a classic vegetarian dish in every Indian household. It can be made in no time, plus it defines comfort in every bite!

Jeera Rice And Tadka Dal: An Easy And Comforting Combo For Lazy Weekends

3. Wada Sambhar

South India is full of delicious recipes that we can never get enough of. There is something simply delicious about having a crisp vada dipped in hot sambhar and topped with some coconut chutney. It spells indulgence in every bite.

Masala Vada

4. Mutton Biryani And Raita

The mention of biryani is enough to make many of us drool. It is that heavenly combination that every non-vegetarian person enjoys having. So, the next time you make some yummy mutton biryani, don’t forget to have some raita with it!

Lamb Biryani And Yogurt Raita

5. Avial With Red Rice

Avial is a classic south Indian meal. It is a thick mixture of vegetables such as drumsticks, potatoes, and carrots cooked in coconut oil and mustard seeds. Avial is best paired with the classic red rice.

6. Shahi Paneer And Butter Naan

We find shahi paneer on the menus of every restaurant and café, and it is also present at almost all Indian weddings. The sweet, velvety taste of shahi paneer just melts in our mouths with every bite. And when served with a buttery naan, it is simply divine to have!


7. Panta Bhaat And Aloo Bharta

Bengal is brimming with rich food history and flavours. One of the comfort foods that people enjoy having from this region is panta bhaat! Panta Bhat, also known as poitabhat, is made from cooked rice that has been steeped and fermented in water. It’s a rice-based dish made by soaking leftover rice in water overnight. You can pair this dish with aloo bharta and onions.

Panta Bhat Recipe: History, Myths And What To Pair With This Fermented Rice Dish

So, the next time you are unable to decide what to cook, take inspiration from these food combinations! Let us know which one was your favourite!

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