American Trying Italian McDonald’s, How It Compares to the US

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I started by comparing the base ingredients and produce between the countries.

I wanted to see if the lettuce, cheese, or bread tasted different.

Lucien Formichella

Before getting into the meat of the review (pun intended), I made a few observations about the produce and individual ingredients used in both countries. 

I’ve read articles about how Europe has stricter food standards. But truthfully, I didn’t notice a big difference in taste, if any. The main one was that the Italian “secret sauce” seemed to have a more pungent vinegariness.

Otherwise, the lettuce tasted (pretty) similar — I was hoping for something extravagant like romaine in Italy, but no such luck, just iceberg. I liked that both countries cut the onions in the same fashion (tiny, flavorful squares).

The cheese used in Italy was also, go figure, American. 

I thought there could be a difference in the bread, but I didn’t notice much there either. The American chicken-sandwich bun was (surprisingly) my favorite — fluffy and a little sweet.

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