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On a corner of Coconut Grove’s bustling Main Highway, you will find Like Mike Italian Taste, the newest restaurant by seasoned restaurateur, Lucio Giordano. Like Mike’s menu features flavors from the Amalfi Coast, including select recipes curated by Italian Michelin-starred chef, Luigi Salomone, such as: Parmigiana Vesuvio, Pasta alla Nerano and Cacio e Pepe al Tonno. Other standouts include the Fiori di Zucca and the Tagliata di Manzo.

Salomone adds a modern flair to his traditional Italian recipes. The contemporary trattoria is the newest addition to the Lucio Giordano Group, which boasts several restaurants on the Amalfi Coast, including the Michelin-starred, Re Santi e Leoni in Nola, Naples.

Similar to its sister restaurants, Like Mike invokes the spirit of the Amalfi Coast, where guests can indulge in a unique, authentic, and relaxing atmosphere- enjoying long, languid meals and conversations in a relaxed setting. The menu is complemented by a curated wine selection centered around Campanian wines, with the intention of enhancing the immersive Italian dining experience.

Named in loving memory of a friend of owner, Lucio Giordano, Like Mike aims to combine tradition and food quality by using locally-sourced ingredients like trattorias found in Italy, but embellished with a contemporary and innovative twist. The setting is bright and airy, trendy and sophisticated- all at the same time. Don’t be surprised if the manager sits down with you at your table to share some of his favorite wines and tales of the Old Country.

Giordano shares: “Our customers can expect a modern, trendy vibe paired with the enveloping, traditional hospitality that recalls the spirit of the Amalfi Coast. For this reason, Like Mike imports a unique dining experience that complements the sparkling Miami charm. What fascinates me about this new American project is to import the picturesque, exotic Italian essence and culinary wonders to an American audience. With Like Mike, we can construct a bridge that connects dream and reality.”

Like Mike is the first restaurant outside of Italy to be part of the Lucio Giordano Group, which owns a string of successful restaurants in destinations like Pompei, Positano, Sorrento, and the aforementioned Michelin-starred, Re Santi e Leoni, in Naples.

Like Mike is located at 3433 Main Highway in Coconut Grove. It is open Monday through Thursday from 12pm to 10pm; Friday and Saturday from 10am to 11pm and Sunday from 10am to 10pm.

To learn more about Like Mike, visit
Tel. (305) 392-0679

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