The Difference Between A Calzone And Stromboli

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Odds are, if you’re as obsessed with pizza as the rest of the world is, you’ve had a calzone before. All that cheesy goodness encapsulated in a golden crust that’s just waiting to be cut into is as delicious as any good pizza. Spizzico Restaurant claims that the original calzone was invented during the 18th century in Naples, Italy around the same time as the flat pizza. The Italians needed a delicious street food that could be eaten while on the move, and the calzone (which translates to “trouser” in Italian) fulfilled that need. They were originally small or sandwich-sized and contained no sauce so it wouldn’t drip. However, in the United States today, where Italian food has a special place in people’s hearts, the calzone is made very large and can easily be shared between two people.

Lacucina Italiana says that in Naples there are still calzone vendors making the traditional meals, using flour, water, oil, salt, and leaven for the dough and folding it into a half circle to be baked or fried. Today, Neapolitan calzones are considered a classic and well-beloved kind of pocket pizza, using ricotta and provolone cheese, pecorino cheese, and salami, though there are other kinds like sausage kale and ricotta calzones available now. Calzones as a whole are celebrated in the U.S. on November 1st every year, so when that day rolls around, stroll over to your local pizza joint and celebrate National Calzone day (via National Days Today).

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