The Untold Truth Of Marinara Sauce

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Creating marinara is a foundation of Italian cuisine, and now enterprising chefs, both professional and otherwise, can immerse themselves in an Italian cucina to learn the authentic marinara techniques. Why not plan your next vacation to attend a Master of Pasta and Sauces course in Italy with Accademia Italiana Chef? Courses are held for foreign students at the Empoli School in Florence and the Bologna School.

Each Academy’s cooking school is structured to teach traditional Italian cuisine in a small group setting, educating only 20 or so students at a time, and providing plenty of Facetime with master chefs. The perfectly equipped laboratories provide 74 hours of training over a 2-week period, with about 7.5-hour days.

Imagine: You will be guided by an award-winning Italian chef, and you’ll be certified in the master program upon completion, with a solid understanding of both pasta and sauces. Plan to learn the key concepts to the perfect marinara sauce, as well as how to skillfully prepare pasta and other famously-consumed Italian dishes. It’s a bit pricey at 2,000 Euros, but students can expect to learn from great chefs about the successful pairing of a classic marinara sauce with compatible food, demonstrating technical expertise and a holistic understanding of the overall dish. 

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