This Is Georgia’s Best Italian Restaurant

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Italian restaurants are so much more than just pasta. Each region of Italy is known for producing different styles of cuisine, so the specific dishes will depend on the origin and inspiration of the restaurant. Though there are typically enough pasta dishes and portion sizes to please every member of your party, Italian restaurants almost always offer pizza, calzones, subs, soup, risotto, and a variety of deserts. A lot of pasta dishes will include meat or fish, but some restaurants will provide vegan, vegetarian, and even gluten free options for those sensitive to wheat. Most Italian-inspired restaurants will also offer breadsticks, garlic bread, and a menu for children.

According to Taste of Home, the best Italian restaurant in all of Georgia is Mondo Italian Kitchen in Milton. This restaurant is known for its spacious patio and more importantly, its famous stuffed pasta dishes. Taste of Home mentioned that Mondo’s Italian Kitchen also offers a tasty New York-style pizza among a menu full of classic meals.

Here is what Taste Of Home had to say about the best Italian restaurant in the state:

“With a patio and osteria (that’s Italian for “tavern”), Mondo’s Italian Kitchen’s menu features casual northern Italian cuisine. Every region in Italy is known for a unique type of food; northern Italy is famous for its stuffed pastas. Mondo’s also offers New York-style pizzas.”

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