Wendy’s Adds Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich & Garlic Fries to Menu

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Peppermint Frostys aren’t the only new item Wendy’s is trotting out for the holidays. Just a week after it unveiled that holiday-themed dessert, it has unveiled two more new menu items.

On November 16, Wendy’s will debut an Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich that can be ordered with a side of Garlic Fries. The infusion of garlic into the Wendy’s menu is new, but makes sense with the Italian flair the new items are angling for.

Wendy’s refers to the sandwich as an “Italian dinner” in a sandwich. Calling anything an entire dinner inside a sandwich isn’t necessarily appetizing. The actual list of ingredients, however, sounds far more enticing. It’s a breaded crispy chicken breast topped with fried mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce, and aged Asiago cheese on a toast garlic knot bun.

If a chicken sandwich doesn’t appeal to you, you can also order it with a cheeseburger between the buns instead of a chicken breast. Becky Davis, Director of Culinary Innovation at Wendy’s, described the chicken version as tasting like chicken parmesan and the burger substitution like an Italian meatball sub.

To compliment that garlicky bun, you can get a side of garlic fries. The Frosty chain says those come coated in a garlic herb sauce. So, there’s a lot of garlic to be had at Wendy’s now.

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