22 Best Tamales in Los Angeles

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Karina’s home in Pomona has a rotating menu of Guatemalan tamales made with regional recipes from one of the greatest tamal cultures in Latin America, known for their variety of delicious tamales. Chuchitos are petite corn husk tamales filled with chicken or pork in a tangy recado (stew) beloved by Guatemalans for the holidays, while another corn husk classic, tamalitos de chipilin, is made with lardy corn masa blended with the bitter, leguminous plant.

Karina’s patches, which are tamales made with a potato-based masa, show up on her menu from time to time, and there are always tamales guatemaltecos, banana leaf tamales filled with pork or chicken in a recado of mild Guatemalan chiles and tomatoes. While you wait for your order, try traditional Guatemalan food on Karina’s full menu of soups, stews, and antojitos guatemaltecos. Call for more information.

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