Best Mexican Sushi 2022 | Sushi Sonora | La Vida

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If you’re not familiar with the concept of Mexican sushi, it sounds like an oxymoron — or a joke. But it’s neither. While Mexican sushi has lots in common with the conventions of traditional Japanese sushi, there are plenty of traits that make it unique. There’s no nigiri or sashimi; the hallmark of Mexican sushi is the deep-fried roll, and the things that go into said rolls can vary wildly from anything you’ve seen before. At local chain Sushi Sonora, that means the Sushi Dog, a roll with sausage, bacon, cream cheese, and avocado, or a traditional Mexican sushi creation, the Cielo, Mar y Tierra (sky, sea, and land) Roll, which includes chicken, beef, shrimp, cream cheese, and avocado. Our favorite is the Potan Roll, which features crab mix on top of salmon, shrimp, and cream cheese, all topped with a zesty sauce. If you’re looking to expand your sushi horizons, Sushi Sonora is the place.

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