Best tacos in the SF Bay Area

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Crisp, vermillion barbacoa tacos on the grill at El Burro Veloz in Antioch.

I can say with the utmost confidence that the Bay Area boasts some of the best tacos in California.

In my first year as a critic here I got to explore so many different cuisines that recalibrated my palate. But what excited me most was chasing obscure taquerias sprinkled throughout the region.

I began the year by visiting home taquerias in the East Bay, where I got to try sensational carnitas, star-quality asada and crisp tacos dorados. But in order to get a full picture of the taco scene in the greater Bay Area, I traversed the region’s highways to see what Wine Country, the Peninsula and the South Bay had to offer.

The cities and neighborhoods with Mexican barrios, no surprise, were usually where I found the good stuff: Take Antioch’s El Burro Veloz with its silky guiso tacos; Richmond’s El Garage and its paradigm-shifting birria; and East San Jose with its powerful, multifaceted taco scene that ultimately convinced me we’re living in the Bay Area’s golden age of regional tacos.

I applied extra scrutiny to this list, looking for taquerias, taqueros and taqueras that are going above and beyond. You might not see your favorite spot, but I encourage you to try something new — of which, I assure you, there are many options.

On this list, you won’t find any whiff of a mass-produced or (god forbid) a cold tortilla. What you will find, though, is phenomenal al pastor like at Tacos Al Pastor Puebla; proper carne asada as at Tacos Mama Cuca and Tacos Mi Reynita; steamy tacos al vapor like those at El Tacostao or Tacos El Güero; and many, many surprises.

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