Chantico Recognized by Arizona Restaurant Association For Its Quality Mexican Dishes

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PHOENIX, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / May 10, 2022 / Chantico, a Mexican restaurant that blends the old and the new with a focus on local, healthy, and organic ingredients, has been nominated by the Arizona Restaurant Association (ARA) for Emerging Restaurant of the Year. The recognition places Chantico among the up-and-coming restaurants that demonstrate innovation and talent in the food industry.

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The nomination is part of the ARA’s annual Foodist Awards, which were put on hold for two years because of COVID-19 and the resulting impact on restaurants. Chantico states that because of the pandemic, it initially operated at half-capacity. Despite this, the restaurant has cultivated a reputation for excellent indoor/outdoor dining, resulting in its nomination in February 2022, when the ARA announced that the Foodist Awards were returning. Categories include Exceptional Happy Hour and Top Arizona Brewery along with Emerging Restaurant of the Year and others.

“We are honored to have been nominated out of countless high-quality restaurants in Arizona, all of which are staffed with incredible chefs and employees,” says a spokesperson for Chantico. “Both our customer service and kitchen teams have worked very hard to launch our restaurant and make it into a wonderful place to enjoy casual Mexican dining. We are very proud that our efforts to offer everything from Sonoran beef to vegan Mexican dishes have been recognized by the ARA.”

Chantico reveals that it is also offering a new menu. “We change our menu frequently to allow for fluctuations in the commodities markets,” the restaurant explains. We also like to give our customers a lot of variety, including those who are vegetarian, all of which ultimately allows us to stay competitive with pricing and employee retention.”

The restaurant states that it will seek to continue to provide the same level of food and service that led to its nomination for Emerging Restaurant of the Year. “We love to present our customers with authentic Mexican dishes,” Chantico says. “When they leave at the end of their meal, we want them to be smiling because they have had the best Mexican food among people they feel are their friends.”

Chantico, founded by Owner/Chef Walter Sterling, is a casual Mexican dining restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona. It is a scratch kitchen and imports 100% heirloom corn that is nixtamalized in-house and turned into masa and tortillas. Chantico uses volcanic stones just like those seen in villages to grind the masa and aerate it. For more about Chantico’s Mexican food, please visit or contact:

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