Is Taco Bell open on Thanksgiving?

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Can you get your late-night fix of Taco Bell on Thanksgiving?

Taco Bell is known worldwide for its unique hours of operation and wide array of Mexican-style food. They open early and stay open late. It’s kind of their thing. They’re a great late-night destination for those who work odd hours or for the designated driver trying to sober up their friends.

When it comes to Taco Bell, however, they aren’t Denny’s. The expectation of them being open all the time just isn’t there. Some holidays will see the taco giant closed up for the day. So if you’re someone looking for something different on Thanksgiving, you may find yourself asking if Taco Bell is in fact open on the holiday of thanks.

Well, sadly, you are going to be out of luck if you go looking for a Taco Bell fix on Thanksgiving. The chain restaurant is in fact closed on the day, so if you’re looking for something to eat that isn’t turkey and stuffing, you may be limited in your offerings.

Where can you get food from that isn’t Taco Bell on Thanksgiving?

If you’re not having Thanksgiving dinner for whatever reason; whether it’s due to work or maybe you just don’t have plans on the day, and you don’t feel like cooking for yourself, there are other options out there.

Both Denny’s and IHOP will be open if you’re looking for something to eat. IHOP is even offering a Thanksgiving menu for those who have a taste for something holiday-specific on the day. While you won’t be able to get a taco or those Nacho Cheese Fries that Taco Bell is selling at the moment, you’ll at least be able to get something warm for dinner.

If all else fails, you always have options like Sheetz.

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