Local Mexican Grill Sued by National Taco Chain

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(KNSI) — A local fast-food taco restaurant is being sued for trademark infringement by a national brand, saying they’ve been getting a free ride on their name and reputation.

Taco John’s filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court, saying it began using that trademark around 1970 and “expended considerable time, money, and effort” to develop and market its brand. The company accused Taco Chon owner Juan Ramos of cashing in on its brand recognition by “willfully and deliberately” using that name to confuse customers thinking they are at a Taco John’s.

Taco John’s lawsuit says the company found out about Taco Chon in January, about a month after the St. Cloud location opened for business in the Division Place Shopping Center, less than a mile and a half from the Taco John’s in Waite Park.

Taco John’s fired off a cease and desist letter on February 1st and is seeking a permanent injunction to prevent Ramos from continuing to use the Taco Chon name. They are also suing for damages and attorney fees and will go after Taco Chon’s profits.

Taco Chon responded to the lawsuit Thursday afternoon. Read that story by clicking here.


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