Margaritas and Tacos in Gulfport

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If you love a good happy hour, then check out the Drunken Taco’s two for one margarita deal.
Cameron Healy

Sea Dog Cantina is no longer in Gulfport; however, the space is now occupied by a new Mexican restaurant, The Drunken Taco. I went to check out what they had to offer on a Tuesday night.

The Fort Lauderdale-native restaurant officially opened in Gulfport on Nov. 4 with a menu full of speciality tacos, 301 tequilas, and a variety of other Mexican dishes.

The night started off with one frozen passionfruit margarita and their queso dip appetizer.

These margaritas are not to be messed with. They are served in a large cup, possibly half the size of the average person’s head. And with The Drunken Taco’s all-day, every day happy hour (spoiler alert…), the night ended with two large, frozen margaritas for the price of one.

I have an expectation when it comes to queso. It must have such a thick, creamy consistency that my tortilla is drenched in the cheese with just one dip in. I’ve been fooled one too many times by queso at other Mexican restaurants that slips off and leaves just a thin layer. Essentially, the chip’s left queso-less.

But at The Drunken Taco, I felt satisfied with this appetizer. This queso had a lot to offer. The melted cheese actually came out quite thick and I enjoyed the addition of fresh pico to the mix. I highly recommend the queso if you are thinking of trying out something from here.

Two tacos on a square dish with bowls of beans and salsa next to it.
The famous two Baja chicken tacos can be easily enjoyed by anyone.
Cameron Healy

Since it was Tuesday, the night continued with an order of their supposedly famous two Baja chicken tacos. The tacos definitely intrigued me because they included bacon bits. The two Baja chicken tacos consist of “chicken, queso fresco, cheddar, bacon, cabbage, tomatoes,” and topped with their “famous cilantro cream sauce.” A small bowl of white rice, black beans, and pico are served on the side.

The tacos came out on a silver taco holder stand on top of a rectangular plate. I must say the flour tortillas at this place are pretty sturdy because none of the components of my taco fell out due to the tortilla.

I can see why the Baja chicken tacos are considerably famous now, because they really were delicious. I enjoyed the combination of chicken and bacon bits. The rest of the taco did not hide the taste of bacon at all, but I did not mind this since I had never put bacon bits on a taco before. I could most definitely taste the creamy cilantro sauce, and it was a great addition to the taco. It helped level out the different textures and flavors within the taco.

Oddly enough, though, they don’t offer a “Taco Tuesday” special.

The Drunken Taco’s a great addition to Beach Boulevard South. Their margaritas and tacos are worth checking out, if you haven’t yet done so.

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