Mexican food and French fries top LA’s food delivery choices

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Angelenos crave Mexican food … and French fries, no big surprise, but it’s official.

Uber Eats released their fourth annual Cravings Report, a summary of Los Angeles area delivery requests. 

L.A.’s an eclectic place and the delivery report reflects that with predictable, unusual and wacky requests … like sushi with ranch and pizza with peanut butter — but popcorn with pickle juice?  That takes top-quirky honors.

Here are L.A.’s highlights:

Most Popular Food: Mexican

Most expensive order: $2451.91  At a liquor store 

Most Popular item ordered: French fries

Most Popular Drink: Thai iced tea

Most Popular Dessert: chocolate chip cookie

Most Popular Condiment: salsa  (chips and salsa)

Most Popular Special Instruction: no onions

Ranked #9 in Country for healthy orders

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