Pomona’s First All-Vegetarian Spot Borreguitas Serves Traditional Mexican Dishes

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In the summer of 2018, Borreguitas opened its doors as the first fully vegetarian spot in Pomona! Then, after two successful years, they outgrew their original space and took over their 15-year-old family restaurant, La Fuente. The family-owned and operated shop broke cultural norms and cemented their mark in the vegan community. You’ll find mouthwatering Mexican dishes made with classic Latine cooking techniques! Read on to learn more about how Borreguitas became the first vegetarian restaurant in Pomona (with primarily vegan options).

Borreguitas Brings Veganism to Pomona

In 2018, Borreguitas debuted as the first vegetarian restaurant to open in Pomona! Not only did this create a shift in plant-based accessibility for the city, but the restaurant is now a beloved spot for nostalgic favorites with a very vegan-friendly twist. In the beginning, guests piled into a small space that sat about a dozen and ordered everything from wet al pastor burritos and loaded carne asada fries to cauliflower ceviche tostadas. The community response to the family-owned spot was so positive that Borreguitas quickly outgrew their original space. They then took over their sister restaurant, La Fuente.


A 15-Year-Old Community Staple Turns Vegetarian

For 15 years, La Fuente was a much-loved spot for authentic Latine-style dishes. But after Borreguitas took over, owner Rosa María Mora​​ and her three daughters—Monica, Alejandra, and Jaquelín Torres—prepared to transform La Fuente’s menu.

At first, Mora faced multiple disapproving opinions. When asked about the beginning of a vegetarian restaurant in Pomona, the Torres sisters told VegOut, “Our mom had decided to become vegan well before we opened Borreguitas. So much of our lives and income relied solemnly on selling traditional Mexican food at La Fuente that even imagining operating a [vegetarian] restaurant was out of the question. There wasn’t any support or means to imagine anything other than keeping our business afloat.”

They continued, “It wasn’t easy. We come from a family that relegates women to the kitchen at home and keeps commercial kitchens out of reach for any of us. Now, our restaurant is the first of its kind and first in our family initiated and led by a woman.” So, in typical Chingona fashion, these women persisted and created their own legacy. “Working at Borreguitas as a family allows us to feel dignified in and out of the kitchen,“ expressed the sisters.

Affordable Vegan Food for All

Since their triumphant opening, Borreguitas has served delicious and affordable veganized Mexican staples. The vegetarian spot is packed with nostalgic favorites like enchiladas, pozole, and tortas. This is the go-to spot for Taco Tuesdays! Every week, they offer street-style tacos for only 99¢. Indulge in flavors like al pastor, carne asada, and nopales for less than a dollar. Additionally, pair any dish with refreshing agua frescas like horchata, Jamaica, and pineapple.



Four years later, Borreguitas reminds us that we can still enjoy our family favorites without compromising culture. “Our food is humble, but it’s rich in taste. Therefore, it allows us to maintain affordable fresh vegan food for our community. We use traditional Latine techniques with ingredients you can find in any Mexican countryside kitchen. We are very proud of the place we come from and the community we currently serve. Hence, our recipes have history but are also in constant movement,” said Mora.

For more information about Borreguitas, visit OrderBorreguitas.com and follow them on Instagram.

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