The Most Common Sides Served With Mexican Hot Chocolate

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Compared to sweetened American hot chocolate, which usually comes in powdered packets and chocolate bombs, Mexican hot chocolate leans more on the richer-tasting and spicier side. It’s created from a blend of unsweetened chocolate, cinnamon, and chili powder (via Food Network). Authentic Mexican cook, Isabel Orozco-Moore of Isabel Eats, shares that she enjoys her Mexican hot chocolate with a traditional Mexican sweetbread called marranito. The Busy Abuelita agrees, sharing that Mexican Gingerbread Pigs (marranitos) are the “perfect” pairing with Mexican coffee or hot chocolate.

Champurrado is a traditional Mexican cocoa beverage that aids in celebrating special holidays such as Dia de Los Muertos and Las Posadas. It is a thick chocolate-based atole made from Mexican chocolate, unrefined cane sugar, and cinnamon sticks (via Muy Delish). It also includes corn flour (or masa de maíz and masa harina), which helps separate it from the rest of Mexico’s holiday classics. This important ingredient allows the drink to thicken into the creamy, sweet, and flavorful beverage many know it to be. It is best served with churros and tamales (per Dora’s Table). Both sides can elevate the experience of sipping on warm champurrado with their crispy outside and soft, pillowy filling.

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