Thieves break into Mexican restaurant in Chatsworth and it’s all caught on tape

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The search is on for thieves who broke into a local Mexican restaurant, stealing cash, and causing thousands of dollars in damage. 

The break-in at Los Toros Mexican Restaurant in Chatsworth, Calif. happened on Friday morning was caught on camera.

Nicholas Montaña, the restaurant’s owner, suspects the robbery may have involved a former employee as the suspects seemed very familiar with the restaurant. 

After stealing cash, the thieves ran out of the bar door, and fled in a white sedan. 

“We have worked so hard for what we have and these assailants come in and they just run rampant,” said Montaña. 

Elsewhere, in Porter Ranch, about an hour later, burglars broke into a Subway with a crow bar and sledgehammer, according to the LAPD. From there, they stole a cash register before fleeing in a white BMW. 

Detectives are working both cases and are investigating whether the incidents are at all related. Montaña thinks the two cases may be connected because of the similarities. 

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