This Is Colorado’s Top Mexican Restaurant

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Mexican food is popular for a reason. Who can ignore a nice helping of tacos, a huge smothered burrito, or a plate of enchiladas? Or resist those delicious flavors that are specific to that style of cooking?

The United States has thousands of Mexican restaurants, so which one stands out the most in Colorado? LoveFood can answer that. The website found the best Mexican restaurant in every state, “from favorite spots for tacos to long-running neighborhood joints and acclaimed restaurants serving regional Mexican cuisine.”

The Centennial State’s top Mexican restaurant is Tacos Tequila Whiskey!

“Tacos Tequila Whiskey started as a food truck before branching out with three bricks-and-mortar restaurants in Denver,” writers say. “Chef Kevin Morrison pays homage to Mexican cuisine while putting his own spin on classics. Among the delicious dishes that diners rave about are repollo tiernos (fried Brussels sprouts with spicy homemade dressing and cotija cheese), chicharrones (fried chicken skins with salsa) and tacos with beer-battered fish. The Margaritas are pretty good too.”

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