New Moroccan restaurant in Topeka shares space with Josey Baking Co.

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Rida El Azri Ennassiri has been dreaming of owning his own restaurant ever since becoming a chef. After working at a few local dining establishments, Ennassiri has taken the leap to open his own. 

Tagine, a Moroccan restaurant, is sharing space with Josey Baking Co., 3119 S.W. Huntoon St. When the bakery closes shop for the day, Ennassiri moves in. 

The Moroccan restaurant, which started serving food April 28, is open 5-9 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. 

“I did get a good crowd,” Ennassiri said. “I was very happy by the support.”

Rida El Azri Ennassiri, chef and owner of Tagine,  smiles outside of Josey Baking Co. on Wednesday after opening the space for the evening to serve his Morrocan cuisine.

A small, but flavor-packed menu

Tagine offers a limited, rotating menu. There are only a few dishes each week but all are packed with flavor. 

“It’s not like a heavy, Indian dish,” Ennassiri said. “This one is very light and modern.”

Some menu items patrons can expect include chicken tagine, artichoke hearts tagine and kefta tagine.  

All dishes are served with an assortment of vegetables — zucchini, squash, carrots, green olives, apricots — and a side of traditional couscous. 

“I believe having a big menu the way we are set up is not practical,” Ennassiri said. “We try to have two businesses going at the same time and at the same location but not to interfere with each other’s way.”

A variety of tagine dishes are available at the restaurant Tagine located within Josey Baking Co.

Tagine is only open for carryout orders. That concept makes it easier for Ennassiri to ensure he is serving fresh dishes. 

Ennassiri prepares enough portions for the day then puts the dish together once an order has been placed. 

Ennassiri said he hopes Tagine gives Topekans a new dining experience and healthy dinner option. 

“I’m not really trying to focus on the healthy, but it is a healthy option that I offer,” Ennassiri said. “It’s made from scratch.”

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