My Honest Review of the Viral Corona Sunrise Cocktail

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My mixology skills are not up to par with that of a seasoned bartender. Thus, I leave the drink duty to someone else in the house or bide my time with a glass of white wine — that is, until I saw Isabel of @isabeleats breaking down the how-tos of a Corona Sunrise on Instagram. I already had orange juice in the fridge, and it looked easy enough for me to confidently whip up on my own. So I set out to the store for a six-pack of Corona Extras, a small bottle of grenadine, and a shooter of tequila with the hopes of upgrading my summer happy hour at home. 

How to Make Isabel’s Corona Sunrise

The first step couldn’t be easier: Drink a few sips of the Corona until you reach the top of the label. Then, measure out a shot’s worth of tequila and pour it into the beer bottle. Next, pour in a shot of orange juice (you can use store-bought or freshly squeezed). That’s followed by half a shot of grenadine, which gives the drink its beautiful rosy hue (to perfectly match a sunset, by the way). In goes a sliver of lime and you’re done. No shaking or stirring necessary. In fact, I’d actually refrain from that to avoid the drink exploding up and out of the bottle. 

My Honest Review of Corona Sunrise

It’s almost like a Dirty Shirley’s fun aunt — with tequila and beer instead of vodka and seltzer! Corona isn’t an abrasive beer, like an IPA, so it serves as the perfect base for the rest of the drink. Plus, the pungent taste of tequila is undetectable when balanced with the sweetness from the orange juice and grenadine along with the sourness of the lime. Isabel said it best in her caption: “It’s refreshing, boozy, and incredibly easy to make.” I can attest that it is, indeed.

If You’re Going to Make a Corona Sunrise, a Few Tips

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