New restaurant Alejandro Serious Mexican Food is starting strong

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TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN)  — Alejandro Serious Mexican Food opened up about a month ago, and despite rising costs, the owner says business is booming.

“All of this is inspired honestly from a collaboration from my wife Blanca and then both of our families and some of the tragedies and we’re like we’re going to honor them, we’re going to make this a very loving place,” said Alejandro Diaz, who recently opened the restaurant.

He owned two restaurants in the past, and planned to open another.

He decided to open this restaurant earlier than he planned after he lost his brother.

“With the passing of my brother, which really affected me, I always tell people it’s like losing a son or daughter to me, we were that close and I lost a couple young cousins that were close to me, lots of other family and friends,” said Diaz.

Now, the dishes on the menu are named after family members, and are inspired by family recipes as well.

Diaz said his motivation to honor his family and his experience helps with the restaurant’s success.

“It is extremely difficult to open up in this environment, again I think with the experience and the drive. We work seven days a week for three months to create this location,” sais Diaz.

Server Isabella Burbank said it’s been successful so far.

“Like we’re so busy to the point where we’re running out of food and everything like now we’re starting to get forty minute waits,” said Burbank.

She said the environment Diaz and his wife create feels like a family.

“They really try to help everyone, not just themselves, and I know that it’s real because they don’t get benefits from it,” said Burbank.

Diaz said he’s excited to continue to build his staff and restaurant. He and his wife plan to add colorful cocktails to the menu soon.

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