12 Ways To Upgrade Your Frozen Pizza

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Pizza isn’t complete without cheese. Possibly the most gratifying part of this dish, there’s no arguing the excitement you feel as you watch the warm, stretchy strings of cheese multiply as you pull a slice from the pie. For frozen pizza, there’s no need to hesitate when adding extra cheese as a topping. Just do it. And if you needed an excuse to visit the cheese section at the deli, consider this your opportunity.

An extra helping of cheese, especially mixing different varieties together, can result in an excellent end result. Mozzarella is the most common component of any pizza and has great melting properties. Soft cheeses, like ricotta, burrata, brie, mascarpone, gorgonzola, and even goat cheese, add a smooth, creamy texture with fresh flavor. Hard cheeses, like parmesan, romano, and gruyere, yield heartier, nuttier flavors. You can purchase these cheeses pre-grated or in a block, but as Ina Garten remarked in an interview with Time magazine, you shouldn’t buy grated parmesan as homemade tastes better (and is easy to make!). Time to roll up your sleeves and get grating for a cheesy, delicious payoff.

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