I hate hosting the holidays because of woke dietary requests

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All she wants for Christmas is typical holiday food.

“Big Brother Australia” host Sonia Kruger roasted the extravagant meal requests her friends and family make, saying she prefers to do some “Christmas ghosting” instead.

“Gluten free, lactose free, nitrate free,” the 57-year-old told Stellar Magazine. “Honestly, how the hell did cavemen and women survive without an oat milk latte and a protein bar to snack on?”

She’d rather forego the holiday altogether, saying it’s better to skip “the whole festive fiasco” and opt for “some fun instead.”

“Even though I’m semi-capable of pulling together a seasonal soirée, frankly I’d rather have root canal therapy than be the designated host,” she admitted.

Kruger bashed people with dietary restrictions, saying it’s too difficult to appease everyone during the holidays.

“You’ll be completely bamboozled by what to serve because you have to cater to everybody’s highly-evolved dietary requirements,” she added.

But Kruger’s version of “fun” might not appeal to those who’d rather indulge in pies, cookies and multiple servings. Dancing, she dished earlier this year on the Healthy-ish podcast, is how she keeps her dazzling figure.

Sonia Kruger
Kruger said she’d rather have “root canal therapy” than host for the holidays.
Holiday meal spread
It may be difficult to swap traditional meal centerpieces to meet dietary restrictions.
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“You’re working out, but you don’t realize how much you are because you’re genuinely having a good time,” she said. “It’s the kind of activity that makes everybody feel happy.”

But with the majority of Americans spending their cherished holiday time participating in family traditions, who has time for exercise?

A recent survey conducted by One Poll and commissioned by the SPAM Brand found the most treasured holiday traditions include spending time with family, decorating the Christmas tree and inside the home, watching classic holiday films and, of course, digging into some delicious food.

Two thousand U.S. adults were surveyed on their holiday habits — but no cavemen.

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