I’m a bartender and I judge customers for ordering gluten-free

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A restaurant bartender is spilling the liquor on the “harsh truths” — and lies — of working in the restaurant business.

“I don’t make the rules,” a TikToker going by the name Acire Ennoccaz captioned her now-viral video. In the clip, which has racked up 2 million views in three days, she dives right into claims about everything from “gluten-free bitches” to servers with sticky fingers sampling your fries.

The server — who said she has “worked in the industry for 20 years” — starts out by exposing the fibs she and her co-workers often tell their customers.

Ennoccaz also noted in her video how if people ask to “adjust the temperature — we’re gonna lie to you and say we did.”

Also, “the cappuccino machine is not broken,” she claimed. 

She also revealed that “if you ordered fries, just know that every single person on the way from the kitchen to the dining room has stolen one.”

Ennoccaz then divulged how bartenders can “fake ginger ale with Sprite and Coke.”

She and her colleagues even judge customers who can’t keep their kids under control — and “if the first words out of your mouth are ‘I’m gluten free’ we’re all gonna assume you’re a bitch.”

Some other restaurant workers disputed her claims in the comments section, saying: “I worked in many restaurants for the last 15 years, never stolen food from a plate or seen anyone do it.”

Another hospitality worker chimied in: “As a bartender for 10 years, I’ve never done the ginger ale thing & never will. Also I’ve never touched a guests food, only my coworkers lol.”

In a follow-up TikTok posted on Thanksgiving Day, Ennoccaz explained her reasonings behind her restaurant revlations after one person commented, asking: “Why am I a ‘B’ because I asked for gluten? I’m a celiac and I literally can’t have it.”

To that, Ennoccaz wanted to clarify her words and noted that “I can’t talk as far as the gluten-free thing goes, but I don’t think every person in the world who is gluten-free is a bitch.”

She continued: “Like obviously, I was trying to say that there is a right and a wrong way to go about it.” She then disclosed that she is a vegetarian and has her own dietary restrictions.

“I was pointing out things that really do happen in restaurants. Not every restaurant — but stuff I’ve noticed over the years.”
Acire Ennoccaz/TikTok
I’ve worked in a restaurant for 20 years
“I don’t make the rules,” Ennoccaz captioned a recent clip where she discusses the restaurant business.
Acire Ennoccaz/TikTok

“So respectfully, I don’t blame the server for how things are on the menu whether or not they are gluten-free,” she said. “But I definitely wouldn’t hold them responsible for not having certain items or the kitchen messing something up. [Waiters] serve the food, we don’t cook it.”

“We have no control [over] what is on the menu. I do take food allergies very seriously, and I would never risk someone’s health because I don’t feel like doing something,” she said.

“I was pointing out things that really do happen in restaurants. Not every restaurant — but stuff I’ve noticed over the years.”

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