Is Disney World’s Spice Road Table the best EPCOT restaurant?

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From delicious tapas to boozy sangria, there’s a long list of reasons why Spice Road Table is one of the best restaurants at EPCOT. (Photos: Carly Caramanna/Terri Peters)

Walt Disney World’s EPCOT is known for its World Showcase, where guests can visit pavilions themed around countries like Mexico, Japan and Norway while tasting foods and sipping drinks from each locale. But with 11 countries represented, the options for sit-down dining can feel a bit overwhelming, leaving many wondering which EPCOT restaurant is the best place to make a coveted dinner reservation.

As someone who writes about theme parks, holds an annual pass at Walt Disney World (WDW) and has been visiting the popular tourist destination for years, there’s always a clear winner if I’m looking for a simple-but-delicious dinner at EPCOT. Located in the theme park’s Morocco pavilion, Spice Road Table is a respite from the crowds, nestled along the waters of the World Showcase Lagoon (the body of water at the center of the World Showcase).

Red sangria and Iced Mint Tea, both made with gin, at Spice Road Table. (Photo: Terri Peters)

Red sangria and iced mint tea, both made with gin, at Spice Road Table. (Photo: Terri Peters)

Recently, I ended an evening at EPCOT with friends in my absolute favorite way: a dinner reservation at Spice Road Table. Reservations are the way to go for any sit-down dining experience at WDW, since it’s hard to snag a walk-up table, and this Mediterranean restaurant is no exception. In the time surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Spice Road Table stopped taking reservations, but as of Dec. 2022, it’s now easy to reserve a spot through the My Disney Experience app, online or by phone. With the ability to guarantee a seat at one of our favorite spots back on the table (pun intended) we knew closing an evening of drinking margaritas in “Mexico” and riding Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind out with a relaxing sit-down dinner would be perfect.

And we were right. We walked into Spice Road Table and asked to be seated outside near the lagoon — the airy patio is perfect on those rare Florida nights when the weather is cool. (Even on hot days at EPCOT, it’s worth sitting outside for the shade and the breeze.) We were quick to order sangria because Spice Road Table makes some of the best sangria on WDW property. The secret? Each variety contains not only wine, but a spirit, making each drink, which cost $14 for a glass or $39 for a pitcher, a bit boozier than some drinks found at EPCOT. The restaurant’s red sangria is made with gin, while the rosé variety contains pamplemousse (grapefruit) liqueur. There’s fig-flavored vodka in the white sangria and the sparkling kind contains both pamplemousse liqueur and vermouth. If sangria isn’t your thing, try an iced mint tea, which, like the red sangria, is made with gin. It’s all delicious, and sitting by the water on a beautiful evening while relaxing with friends is the perfect respite from the throngs of park goers walking the World Showcase.

Spice Road Table's hummus fries and spiced chicken. (Photo: Terri Peters)

Spice Road Table’s hummus fries and spiced chicken. (Photo: Terri Peters)

There are no huge, food coma-inducing entrees at this WDW restaurant: Spice Road Table serves up a wide variety of tapas instead, which is best enjoyed family-style. We feasted on hummus fries, tiropitakia (cheese-filled phyllo dough pockets), spicy shrimp, crispy pomegranate-chili cauliflower, chicken and naan bread, complete with dipping sauces and marinated olives.

At just over $10 for most dishes, ordering a beautiful spread of tapas for our table and sharing it made for a perfect dinner. We were especially impressed with the high amount of plant-based dishes on Spice Road Table’s menu, part of WDW’s initiative to make vegan-friendly dishes more mainstream inside its parks and resorts.

From the patio at Spice Road Table, Spaceship Earth and the World Showcase Lagoon are on full display. (Photo: Terri Peters)

From the patio at Spice Road Table, Spaceship Earth and the World Showcase Lagoon are on full display. (Photo: Terri Peters)

One of the best parts about Spice Road Table is the staff, who are always supremely kind and excited to welcome you into the restaurant. From the bartenders who make that delicious sangria to the hosts and hostesses who check you in for your reservation, stepping inside this waterfront dining experience is always feels like a vacation within a vacation, a vibe that keeps us coming back.

Spice Road Table is also among the sit-down restaurants at EPCOT that offer pre-fixe menus during the park’s many annual festivals. Currently, during EPCOT International Festival of the Arts, festival goers can reserve seating for a meal at this and other restaurants, followed by reserved seating for the festival’s Disney on Broadway concert series. Prices for these dining packages range from $35 to $95 depending on the restaurant, with Spice Road Table’s offering landing at $47. As a Disney festival pro, this is my favorite way to make sure I get a good seat at in-park concerts that are a priority to me. In fact, I still reminisce about the time I had amazing seats to watch NSync member Joey Fatone perform at the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival after a delicious dinner at Spice Road Table. Worth it.

From crispy cauliflower to buttery naan, every tapas dish we ordered at Spice Road Table was perfect. (Photo: Terri Peters)

From crispy cauliflower to buttery naan, every tapas dish we ordered at Spice Road Table was perfect. (Photo: Terri Peters)

Another Spice Road Table tip? If you’re anxious to try that boozy sangria, you don’t need a dining reservation to do it. Simply walk up to the bar inside of the restaurant and order your drink of choice: There’s no seating at this particular WDW bar, but every variety of the restaurant’s sangria pairs perfectly with sipping and strolling around the countries of the World Showcase.

While Spice Road Table is not a high-end Disney dining experience, like the illustrious rooftop California Grill or the AAA Five Diamond Award-winning Victoria and Albert’s, it’s a more affordable way to enjoy the flavors offered WDW and give your feet a rest while you take in beautiful water views. For that reason, the experience was well worth the $150 price tag to my party of three.

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