Is the Western diet slowly killing us? Join us in conversation with Dr. Charles Platkin

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“Obesity related conditions, heart disease, stroke, type two diabetes, certain types of cancer – they really are diet related … and they have a lot of impact. One in three adults [in the US] are overweight, more than two in five adults have obesity, about one in 11 adults have severe obesity,”​ and this likely will get worse before it gets better due to lifestyle and dietary changes made by many Americans during the pandemic, said Charles Platkin, founder and executive director of the Center for Food As Medicine and a distinguished lecturer at Hunger College NYC Food Policy Center.

He explained during FoodNavigator-USA’s recent Futureproofing the Food System digital summit​, which is now available for free on demand​, that many Americans became more sedentary after adopting a work-from-home or hybrid work schedule during and after the pandemic. But many did not change their diet accordingly – rather they continue to graze on the convenient and processed or ultra-processed foods that they relied on when they had fast-paced on-the-go lifestyles pre-pandemic.

At the same time during the pandemic, Americans became more aware of how diet impacts their health and many started looking for products that could boost their immunity or support their wellness – prompting a flurry of marketing efforts by the food industry that Platkin and his colleagues argue may do more harm than good in the study Food As Medicine: How Food and Diet Impact the Treamtent of Disease and Disease Management​,​ published by the Center For Food As Medicine and Hunter College New York City Food Policy Center.

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