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This video that has been shared on Instagram shows how a little girl reacts after trying Indian food for the first time.

Indian cuisine is famous all over the world and it is renowned for its spices and strong aromatic flavours. Dishes like chicken tikka masala have a huge following in many countries such as the UK where there are plenty of Indian restaurants. There may not be many people now who haven’t tried Indian food in their life. Videos of people trying Indian food for the first time are always a joy to watch as their reaction on eating spicy food is too good to miss. Like this video posted on Instagram that shows a girl trying Indian food for the first time.

The video was posted by the account angeerowden on April 8 and it has got over 60,000 views so far. In the video, the little girl is seen eating kadhai chicken with rice and then mango kulfi. After her meal, she tastes sweet aniseed which is saunf that is usually served at Indian restaurants at the end. Her reaction on tasting the saunf is quite hilarious to see. The girl also made friends with the servers at the restaurant as she is seen talking to one woman.

“Trying Indian food for the first time is always an experience to share!” says the caption of the video.

Watch the video below:

The comments section of the post was filled with Instagram users asking how she liked the food. One person commented that once she starts liking Indian food, there’s no going back.

“Hope she loved it,” commented an Instagram user. “Mark my words, once you have a taste of Indian food. There is no going back,” said another.

What are your thoughts about this video of the girl trying Indian food for the first time?

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