Man’s Response To Worker Asking For A Tip On A Pickup Order Sparks Debate

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A man’s post on TikTok recently sparked the age-old debate regarding tipping — except this time, he believes he’s completely justified in not leaving a tip for his food.

Over 880,000 people flocked over to see what all the controversy was about, and over 2200 people decided to chime in with their thoughts and opinions on whether or not he did the right thing.

He claims that tipping for on pick-up orders has “gotten out of hand.”

Shawn, the man who posted the TikTok (@eyeout4selen3r), doesn’t believe that he should have to tip anyone when he goes to the store himself to pick up his food.

“Not to sound like a total hater, but genuinely, what the hell is going on with this whole iPad tipping thing? Like it’s gotten so far out of hand that it’s almost laughable,” he says in the 32-second video.

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He describes the entire ordeal in detail, starting with his decision to order the food online and drive over to get the food in person.

“I get there, I give the girl my card to pay for the food, she puts it in, whatever, and then all of a sudden she spins that iPad around — I get whiplash — and she’s like ‘would you like to leave a tip?’” he continues.

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