Most Expensive Restaurant In The World

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The world’s most expensive restaurant charges Rs 2 lakh per person to experience its 20 course food. This is located in the Ibiza island located at a distance of 150 km from Spain’s Valencia.

The reason for its exorbitant food bill is that none in the rest of the world can replicate the dishes cooked here. They are unique and out of the box. Above all the restaurant also gives an exclusive Virtual Reality experience while serving food here. The most bizarre surprises are guaranteed here.

The entire time that can be spent in this restaurant is 3 hours and obviously this is confined only to the richest on this planet who can really afford to pay such a huge bill for food. Indeed, this is a lifetime experience not to be missed if the pockets permit.

This restaurant has won the Best Innovative Food and Hospitality award of the year. World famous chef Paco Roncero’s innovative signature dishes are restricted only to this restaurant.

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