New York Considers Allowing Pot-Infused Food at Eateries

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New York eateries could eventually offer cannabis-infused food as state officials consider greenlighting licenses that would allow food establishments that obtain them to lace their food with pot, according to a report.

Spokesman Aaron Ghitelman of the state Office of Cannabis Management told the New York Post that discussions have taken place regarding the idea of licenses for food establishments but added that “the regulations regarding infused food products have not been released yet.”

In March 2021, disgraced former Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation legalizing marijuana for recreational use, as Breitbart News reported. Licenses for the sale of weed will start to be dolled out this coming fall, according to the Post.

State Sen. Liz Krueger (D-Manhattan), who had a large hand in authoring the legislation, said the idea of cannabis-infused food was not heavily discussed before Cuomo signed the bill into law. She added that the law is not explicit on the matter one way or another, the Post noted.

Talk of marijuana-laced food has been prevalent in the pizza industry, according to the Post. Pizza joints would only be able to sell pot pizza to individuals 21 years of age and older, and Krueger says children should not even be allowed in establishments where weed-infused eats are sold, the Post said.

Moreover, companies that have licenses to sell cannabis are prohibited from obtaining liquor licenses, meaning many food establishments that depend on alcohol sales would likely be deterred from seeking a permit, should they be allowed for food preparers, according to the Post.

Attorney Max Bookman with the nonprofit New York City Hospitality Alliance told the Post the group has “been advocating for on-license cannabis sales for restaurants and nightlife establishments,” adding that “New York is the culinary capital of the world.”

“But denying establishments from having both a liquor and cannabis license killed our buzz,” he said, noting that “we’re waiting to see the regulations.”

National Cannabis Industry Association Director of Communications Bethany Moore told the outlet that she does not know of a single state where licenses for weed-infused grub at food establishments are offered.

“Adults must be 21 to purchase legal cannabis products from a licensed dispensary, which is held to intense regulatory and compliance standards beyond what pizzerias or other restaurants may be able to do compliantly without incurring additional operating expenses,” she explained. 

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