South Park Creators Announce Casa Bonita Reopening

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Denver residents and South Park fans, eat your hearts out. The show’s creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, gave fans a Christmas present this year by announcing when they will hold the grand re-opening of Casa Bonita.

South Park fans might be familiar with Casa Bonita because of the episode of the same name, a highly-popular show in which Eric Cartman goes to elaborate, diabolical lengths to get in on Kyle Broflovski’s birthday party. On the other hand, Coloradans might know that Casa Bonita is a real Mexican restaurant, with sopapillas, a waterfall with cliff divers, and other fun features highlighted in the episode. Or at least, it was, but then Casa Bonita closed its doors during the coronavirus pandemic and filed for bankruptcy last year.

It was only days later that Parker and Stone announced they would buy Casa Bonita with plans to rejuvenate the food and entertainment venue. Dana Rodriguez was brought on as executive chef, and just before Christmas, she joined Parker and Stone for an update video on the renovations and the expected opening date.

“I saw a thing in the news about what Colorodans want for Christmas,” said Parker. “Aside a new football team and fresh snow, they said they want an opening date for Casa Bonita.”

That led to Parker handing Stone and Rodriguez a present as they dropped the news that Casa Bonita will open in May 2023.

Watch above.

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