US Restaurant Manager Loses Eye Defending Specially-Abled Teen From Bullying

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Bianca Plomera’s family has setup a GoFundMe page to help her.

An assistant manager of a restaurant in the United States lost an eye after being attacked while trying to help a specially-abled teenager, according to a report in Fox-KTVU. Bianca Plomera, 19, works at The Habit Burger Grill in Antioch, California. The incident took place on Saturday and its video was captured by CCTV installed at the restaurant. It shows the woman being punched after she notices a group of men harassing a teenager with special needs. Local publication WSAZ said that the teenager was related to her co-worker.

“I hear the threats going, him having a problem, saying what are you looking at, stop looking that way,” she told Fox-KTVU.

Ms Palomera confronts the man, telling him, “‘Hey, you know, what you’re doing is wrong. It’s not right at all. He’s special needs. He doesn’t know what he’s doing’,” according to the outlet.

After this, the man attacked her without warning, punching her in the face and yelling at her. She punched her for the second time and that’s what the woman thinks destroyed her eye.

Watch the video:

“I didn’t expect him to punch me at all,” she further told Fox-KTVU.

Ms Palomera was immediately rushed to a hospital with blood dripping down her right eye. An emergency surgery was carried out, but it was unsuccessful in saving her eye.

The injured part has now been bandaged, but the woman said what she did was right.

“Sometimes I think it’s all like a nightmare and try to open my eye but regardless, I can’t see anything. Deep down, there will always be a little regret, but I wouldn’t take it back,” said Ms Palomera.

The Antioch Police has launched an investigation and are looking for the man who left with others in a BMW car. Her family has setup a GoFundMe page to help her with anything she may need.

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