Watch: Climate activists thrown out of Salt Bae’s London restaurant after protest

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A luxury restaurant in London owned by the Turkish butcher Nusret Gokce, who is known as “Salt Bae”, became the target of a group of eight climate activists protesting against meat-based foods.

A video that went viral on Twitter showed members of Animal Rebellion, an animal and climate justice movement, being thrown out of the Nusr-Et steakhouse by the staff. It was shared by the rights group. 

According to reports, the protesters occupied tables reserved for customers on Sunday at 6 pm, holding “mock menus” which had the group’s core demands categorised as a starter, main, and desert.


It comes weeks after a similar stunt at Gordon Ramsay’s three-star Michelin restaurant in Chelsea.

In a statement, the group said that it is calling for “a plant-based food system and mass rewilding”.

“Supporters of Animal Rebellion are getting dragged out by security at @nusr_et ‘s restaurant in London!” Animal Rebellion tweeted.

“The restaurant is famed for its steaks – products of environmental destruction and worker and animal exploitation. This is not a sustainable food system,” they posted with the hashtag #PlantBasedFuture.

One of the protesters, Ben Thomas, 20, a student, was quoted as saying, “Restaurants like these are symbolic of a broken system.”

“Whilst two million people are relying on food banks in the UK right now, influencer chefs are selling gold-plated steaks for more than £1,000. Steaks, and other red meats, that we know carry the highest environmental impacts.”

The Metropolitan Police were called in at the site, but the protesters had already left the restaurant.

The Turkish chef, who is known for his extravagant method to sprinkle salt at the stake, set up the restaurant in London last year.

The outlet had recently raised eyebrows for its pricey menu items. Even soft drinks such as Coca-Cola, reportedly cost upwards of £9 each ($11).

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