Worker at Antioch Habit Burger Grill reportedly attacked

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An employee at a popular burger chain restaurant in Antioch was “brutally attacked” last weekend, leaving her without a right eye, relatives said. 

According to a GoFundMe organized by her sister, Bianca Palomera tried to kick out a man bullying her co-worker’s brother at the Habit Burger Grill on Mahogany Way in Antioch. 

The man and three other individuals allegedly surrounded the boy, who has a disability, and harassed him, according to the GoFundMe page. When she intervened, the man began harassing her, too. “He’s throwing slurs at us,” Palomera told SFGATE over the phone. “He keeps threatening us, telling me that he’s going to beat me up,” she said.

After management told Palomera to kick them out, one of them hit her, she said, forcing her to undergo emergency surgery for her right eye. “Considering it’s a bad area, there’s always, you know, like, an angry customer or people yelling but nothing too serious like this,” Palomera said. 

Security footage posted on Facebook from Saturday, Nov. 12, appears to show one of the individuals punching Palomera in the face before shoving a floral arrangement off the counter and walking out. 

After she was struck, Palomera said it took Antioch police two hours to respond, and by then, she was already at a local hospital. She said she’s expected to make a full recovery but will lose her eye following the incident.

Habit Burger Grill representatives have pledged to support Palomera following the alleged assault. 

“Our senior leaders have been in regular communication with Bianca and her family. We are helping with her company medical benefits and are also planning additional assistance for her.”

The Antioch Police Department did not immediately respond to SFGATE’s request for comment. 

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