The Restaurant That Beat Taco Bell In A New Survey For The Best Mexican Fast-Food Chain

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Whether it’s the flavor, the menu value, or something else entirely, one chain rises above the rest. Even if guac costs extra, a new Mashed survey showed that 41.83% of people prefer Chipotle to other quick-service Mexican restaurants. The brand’s focus on fresh ingredients, its dedication to the environment, and its commitment to offering more plant-based options, in addition to a variety of meats, has won over eaters.

As Chipotle’s expansive menu has shown, the ability to customize Mexican dishes, especially with a vegetarian slant, has created a loyal following. And when it comes to the “build your own meal” option at fast-food restaurants, Chipotle is one of the original creators of the forward-thinking idea. From burritos to tacos to bowls, the chain has a lot to offer. 

Chipotle founder Steve Ells originally wanted to be a fine-dining chef, CNBC reported in 2017. But he fell into the burrito-making side of the restaurant world and never looked back. Chipotle is a household name in the quick-service world, and for good reason — its business model has inspired countless other restaurants to follow the lead of its customizable meal options.

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