Things You Need To Stop Throwing Away That Can Be Repurposed

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There are endless ways to avoid things going to landfills. You can donate, give items to friends, resell them if they are in great condition, or turn them into something new altogether!

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Glass jars and old coffee canisters make great containers for bulk pantry items, desk organizers, or bathroom containers. And there are a million ways to reuse mason jars. Instead of using makeup wipes, try using reusable cotton pads, and instead of throwing away soap bars, you can buy a reusable soap bag and throw in your leftover soap pieces for zero waste!

These days we are so driven by consumerism that we often end up with so much extra stuff and nothing to do with it. The first step to creating less waste is simply to buy less, buy less often, and be mindful about what you purchase. However, with the extra stuff you have lying around, try repurposing them! Not only can this help create less waste, but it offers an opportunity to get creative and reuse old items.

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