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Sandwiches are delicious however you slice them — whether it be a turkey on rye, meatball grinder, Italian beef or a veggie wrap. And a new list shows that one sandwich shop in Chicago may just sling the best ones in the state.

In honor of August being National Sandwich Month, Yelp recently released its 2022 list of “Top Sandwich Spots in Every State,” based on several factors, including volume of reviews, ratings and more. The nation’s results span from a Banwich Cafe in Lincoln, Nebraska, to an Italian Market in Boston, Massachusetts, to a doughnut shop in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

In Illinois, the best sandwich shop according to Yelp is in Chicago and serves Latin American cuisine on a menu of just nine items, including empanadas, ropa vieja, churros and café con leche.

“You only live once, so make sure you try this place while you are alive,” one review of Nini’s Deli in West Town reads. “Of course it’s all about the empanadas. They are dynamite, as are the sauces that accompany them. I was also able to taste the kitchen sink sandwich, which reminded me of a breakfast Cubano, and was definitely mouth-watering.”

Nini’s Deli is located at 543 N. Noble St.

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