7 Turkish and Mediterranean restaurants to try in Norwich

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11:30 AM October 3, 2021

Turkey and the eastern Mediterranean is at the meeting point of Asia and Europe and the region’s exciting cuisine reflects this melting pot of cultures. 

Dishes are often packed full of flavour through traditional hot-coal cooking methods and aromatic spices, all served alongside a range of fresh salads and meze plates. 

There is something for everyone and while meat is often the main focus there is also plenty to enjoy for vegetarians and vegans.

Here are seven Turkish and Mediterranean restaurants in Norwich you should to try. 

1. Mr Mangal

Where: 55/57 Dereham Rd, Norwich NR2 4HZ

Opening times: Monday to Sunday 12 – 10pm

Mr Mangal in Dereham Road serves traditional Turkish cuisine
– Credit: Archant

Mr Mangal is located at the site of a former KFC on Dereham Road. While it may be serving a different kind of chicken now, visitors will not be disappointed.

There is a wide variety of different grilled meats on offer all served with different sauces and accompaniments.

Its range of mezze-style starters are also certain to hit the spot.

Meat may be its specialty but vegetarians can also enjoy dishes such as grilled halloumi and falafel. 

2. Gem of Norwich

Where: 6 Thorpe Rd, Norwich NR1 1RY

Opening times: Monday to Sunday 12 – 10.30pm

Cemal Alby, owner of the Gem of Norwich restaurant, which has reached the number one spot on Tripadv

Gem of Norwich is rated number one on Trip Advisor for Mediterranean restaurants
– Credit: Archant

Located near Norwich train station, Gem of Norwich has only been open for nearly three years but has already become a favourite.

It is rated number one on Tripadvisor for best Mediterranean restaurants in the city and serves homemade Turkish and Kurdish cuisine.

Owner Cemal Alby, 54, has more than 20 years experience in the restaurant industry so you can trust the service will be top notch.  

3. Shish Go

Where: 163 Plumstead Rd, Norwich NR1 4AB

Opening times: Monday to Sunday 3 – 11pm

The dishes from Shish Go in Norwich.

The dishes from Shish Go in Norwich.

– Credit: Lauren Cope

Shish Go cooks its meat over hot coals which imparts a distinct smoky flavour to the dishes.

Serving traditional Turkish kebabs, the restaurant is tucked away on Plumstead Road and seems rather unassuming from the outside but its food is definitely worth a try.

Grilled meats can be eaten alongside flatbread, rice, bulgar wheat or chips and there is baklava available for dessert.

4. Haggle

Where: 13 St Benedicts St, Norwich NR2 4PE

Opening times: Monday to Sunday 12pm – 1am

Haggle. Photo: ER

Haggle’s range of cocktails and Turkish dishes make for a great night out
– Credit: Archant

Haggle offers quality Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine in a fine-dining environment.

The decor is almost as appealing as the food itself taking inspiration from the ‘hanging gardens of Babylon.’

Its range of cocktails has also impressed customers. While the selection changes regularly, the fig and honey daquiri and white negroni have been favourites in the past. 

You can enjoy a selection of cold and hot small plates or main meals such as whole sea bass or stuffed pide breads. 

5. The Mediterranean

Where: 121 Magdalen St, Norwich NR3 1LN

Opening times: Monday to Sunday 11am – 11pm

The Mediterranean in Magdalen Street Norwich

The Mediterranean in Magdalen Street

– Credit: Google

The Mediterranean has a lot of competition with many popular restaurants located in Magdalen Street.

It manages to stand out among the others through its selection of chargrilled meats that can be enjoyed with rice, salad and flatbreads.

Turkish pizzas are also available, topped with spiced meats and vegetables. 

6. Palm Tree

Where: 47 Dereham Rd, Norwich NR2 4HZ

Opening times: Monday to Sunday 1.30 – 11pm

Palm Tree in Dereham Road, Norwich Turkish cuisine

The Palm Tree opened in Dereham Road earlier this year
– Credit: Google

The new kid on the block, Palm Tree opened in Dereham Road earlier this year.

It stands out among the other restaurants with its glittery sign.

Alongside traditional eastern Mediterranean fare visitors can also sample different flavours of shisha with their meals.

7. Salls Lokma

Where: 5 Eastbourne Pl, Norwich NR1 1DH

Opening times: Monday to Sunday 12pm – 12am

Sall's Lokma, which sells gourmet burgers, is set to open off Prince of Wales Road in Norwich in Jul

Salls Lokma in Prince of Wales Road serve Turkish inspired burgers and desserts
– Credit: Archant

Salls Lokma serves burgers and fries with a eastern Mediterranean twist, incorporating Turkish spiced meats and vegetables.

The name Lokma refers to the Turkish dessert of sweet deep-fried dough which customers can top with a variety of chocolate sauces, nuts and fruits.

It also serves Turkish breakfasts, such as cheese pastries with salad. 

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