Mediterranean food in pubs

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Licensee Simon Young and his wife Victoria, who have helmed the Shepherd Neame’s inn since July 2020, launched the Ekmek Pide Company this week. They believe it is the first of its kind in Kent. 

The pair developed a love for Turkish cuisine while living in Istanbul for two years running an international events company. Ekmek, which means bread in Turkish, and Pide, is sometimes described as Turkish pizza or flatbread, yet in reality, it is a hybrid of both. 

“We really love Turkish street food, and we haven’t been able to get that anywhere in Canterbury or wider parts of Kent, and not really in London either. We love the Turkish restaurants, but you can’t really get Pide, so we thought it would be interesting and exciting to bring a new food option into Canterbury.”

Fresh ingredients

Cooked in a stone-baked pizza oven, the homemade dough is topped with mature cheddar, mozzarella or feta cheese, a variety of fresh veggies and spices, and with or without cured meats. 

Victoria said: “From a publican’s perspective, they are really simple, quick and easy to make, and are really cost effective. They also use all fresh ingredients, so we make them with fresh vegetables. Due to this, we know we’re giving customers really fresh food, which is something we found isn’t always that readily available in pubs or restaurants.” 

What’s more, the dish is not low calorie, but it’s also not high calorie, and so provides a healthier option than other restaurants, which Victoria’s customers were keen on.  

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