Michelin Guide’s new destination for food lovers

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Michelin guide is seen by many people associated with Türkiye’s food industry as a good platform to introduce Turkish food culture to the world.

Michelin’s anonymous inspectors have already started their work in Istanbul.

Istanbul kitchen crews are abuzz with excitement and activity as the famed Michelin Guide restaurant rating system recently announced Türkiye’s largest city as its newest destination for food lovers.

“Our team of inspectors has been following the Istanbul food scene for a long time. They have known about the quality, maturity, and excellence of Istanbul food scene for many years,” said Gwendal Poullennec, Michelin Guide’s international director.

“More recently, they have noticed an incredible dynamism and potential, based on both a vibrant culinary heritage and more daring, innovative and fusion propositions and recipes created by talented homegrown and foreign chefs,” he said.

Michelin’s anonymous inspectors have already started their work according to Poullennec, who added that “it is too early to share any information prior to the launch event.”

“As an illustration of the rich and intense history of the city, which has always been a crossroads of humanity, cultures, and traditions, you can find in Istanbul a culinary diversity which has astounded our teams,” said Poullennec.

“Together, these variations are a reminder of the way Istanbul has always turned dining into a real way of life,” he added.,

Istanbul’s Michelin restaurants, and the number of stars they received, will be announced on October 11.

Rich food culture

Ahmet Dede, an Irish-based Turkish chief who last year won his second Michelin star, said the announcement is “great news” for Türkiye.

“Türkiye’s food culture is very deep, (but so far) they haven’t fully promoted our food culture around the world,” Dede said, adding that the Michelin guide will be a good platform to introduce Turkish food culture to the world.

“It will start with Istanbul, but I’m sure it will spread to other cities in the future,” he said, adding that this is a very promising development for promoting Turkish cuisine and tourism.

Vedat Milor, a prominent Turkish food expert, said Michelin can be instrumental for Istanbul being included on world culinary maps and boosting the number of foodies seeking out the city.

He added that Istanbul would provide an “interesting” experience “for conscious food lovers who want to explore the cuisines of different regions of Türkiye.”

According to the Turkish European Foundation for Education and Scientific Studies (TAVAK), more than 31,000 eateries currently serve Istanbul, constituting 40 percent of Türkiye’s gastronomic economy as the country’s food and beverage industry hub.

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