Zuzu Kebab – Authentic Turkish Cuisine Found in Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre!

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I think we can all agree that running a one-man show in a bustling hawker centre is an impressive feat. While this does mean a bit of a waiting time for patrons, this wait is 100% worth it when the food is good! Zuzu Kebab, a relatively new Muslim-owned stall, has been constantly drawing in both new customers and regulars who have fallen in love with their food. 



The stall is managed single-handedly by a true-blue Turkish chef. All the vegetables are freshly prepared and chopped on the spot upon ordering. He mentioned that he’s looking to hire an assistant to ensure that operations will run more smoothly. Even so, the slightly long waiting times did not deter customers as they joined the queue and patiently waited for their orders to be taken. 



There’s quite an extensive menu to look forward to here — spanning over two pages. Expect classics such as kebab wraps ($6 for chicken, $7 for beef, $8 for mixed), iskender kebab ($11 for chicken, $12 for beef, $13 for mixed) and moussaka ($10 for vege, $11 for chicken, $12 for beef, $13 for mixed). 

There’s also sides that include falafel ($7 for wrap, $8 for pita, $9 for plate), babaganoush ($8) and even kunefe ($10) and baklava ($3 for one piece, $5 for two pieces) for dessert! 


Kebabs are a perennial dish in Turkish cuisine and the Beef Kebab Wrap ($7) was quite the filling dish, stuffed with crisp lettuce, freshly-sliced tomatoes, olives and slices of beef. I love how all the texture and flavours of the vegetables harmonised well with each other and were brought together by the tomato-based sauce that was sweet with a tinge of spice. 

While the beef wasn’t too tough, it was a bit heavy on the beefy flavours, even for a beef lover like myself. It would have been nice if it was seasoned with spices and such. 



The Chicken Butter Rice ($7) is a definite must-try! The firm grains of the butter rice were wonderfully flavoured and infused with a slight buttery fragrance. The carbs were crowned with a generous helping of well-seasoned chicken that was absolutely delicious, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and olives. Every ingredient synchronised well with each other — a brilliant symphony of flavours. In fact, this was my favourite out of everything I tried that day. 



The Chicken Pide ($10) reminded me a bit of pizza. Crispy on the outside and pillowy on the inside, the freshly-baked bread was topped with the same yummy chicken and cheese. Two types of sauces were served alongside the pide bread: a garlicky white sauce and red tomato sauce that was nicely acidic. Combine the two with the bread and you’ll get a creamy and powerful flavour burst.


Despite the waiting time, Zuzu Kebab delivers quality food that is also generous in portion. With so many other options to try on the menu, I’m 100% making a return to give the rest of them a go one at a time!

MissTamChiak.com made an anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

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